Languages: Kotlin, Javascript, Go, PHP and Java.
Databases: MySql, MariaDB, Postgres, Mongo, Redis.
Frameworks: React, Redux, Ionic, Docker.
Libraries: JQuery, Bootstrap, Material-ui, styled-components.
Experience with: Git, all major operating systems and basic devops.


Platform for Manga and anime related art. Previously called animz


Fully tooled Open source Editor for Skript providing IDE like features.


Free Software alternative discord client written in Kotlin.

“This site contains everything from builds to Artworks to news and more, related to the League of Legends champion Xayah - The Rebel


Skx is a prototype Skript(a very simple english setences based scripting language) Compiler & runtime written in c++. Its not fully featured but is functional.


C++ discord library with node frontend for high performance/quality audio

What do i work on

Smaller Projects

Theres more smaller stuff on my github.