If you search My Projects this is the right place.
Anime Pics
Platform for Manga and anime related art. Previously called animz
Fully tooled Open source Editor for Skript providing IDE like features.
"This site contains everything from builds to Artworks to news and more, related to the League of Legends champion Xayah - The Rebel
Free Software alternative discord client written in Kotlin

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Languages: Kotlin, Javascript, Go, PHP and Java.
Databases: MySql, MariaDB, Postgres, Mongo, Redis.
Frameworks: React, Redux, Ionic.
Libraries: JQuery, Bootstrap, Material-ui, styled-components. 

Experience with Git, all major operating systems and basic devops.
Other Projects
Here are some other commissions or things i worked on

RichesInfo - personal website
Blitz - OP Desktop app for League of Legends
Kiez-Container - Project website for a non profit organisation
Clinet - Health care Platform
SkriptHubModern Skript Development Tools
Free software pastebin service.
Command Line utility for creating and developing Spigot plugins
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