Who am i?
Hey, i am Yann, (20) born in May 2000 from Germany.
I created this simple personal site as a reset for my self, see below for more.
Already in primary school i discovered my passion for computer science, i started on modding a Game using java, over being a usual bootstrap user to building advanced applications and web applications.
Usually i spent my nights in front of my laptop debugging something which doesn't work because i used a property wrong, but from time to time i do other things.
I finished school in 2016, have been working at 2 companies so far, work on several smaller commissions and a own company i co own. For more see my projects.
Also i started drawing some time ago, but i am still in the very first steps with that
Anxiety what?
Yeah so that's a thing...i am writing that here because it's actually the main reason i created this site.
Having a actual anxiety sucks believe me, i personally would classify myself as a mixture of a severe hypochondria(the fear of having a serious illness), weak depressions and being overworked.
The Anxiety started around 2015, but wasn't an actual issue until may 2019 where it really started getting bad;
In October 2019 i finally realised i need professional help. I want to mark this as a reset and the "beginning of the end" of my problems, to which i created this website.

(I am pretty sure i will add a blog at some point because i like writing thoughts down and have the process of getting out of those problems)
So what about that photography thing?
My mother got me infected with the passion of photography.
I am by no means a professional photographer, but i gathered some experience already, especially in Animal Photography.
Currently i own a Nikon D750 with a 50mm f1.8 fix and my baby the 70-200mm f2.8, after a longer break i am starting to do photography again as a balance to all the computer stuff.


You don't have to, but if you want to support me you can here!

My current profile picture

Favorite Music direction? Anything EDM, i have a Youtube channel where i upload EDM stuff from time to time.
Tea or Coffee? Coffee all the way.
Why no instagram or Facebook? Facebook is highly privacy intruding and privacy matters more then most people think.
For the nerds:
Favorite language? Js(ES6), Go and Kotlin.
Coding editor/IDE? GNU Emacs for all web related and 99% other stuff. VS Code or jetbrains if a big refactor is needed or any other special case.
​​​​​​​less or scss? scss.
Frameworks? For smaller projects none, otherwise: React/Redux, i don't usually use anything ui wise.

Thank you!
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