Update - Illyria, my perspective

For those who havent read the first part please do so here

Here are some interesting updates:

Apparently ProSavage plans to release under a new name: savagelabs.net(though that is only assuming and not a fact) After discovering the accounts of him and JasonWet where created on the 25th January and the fight with me(see first statement) was on the 29th January. and i count 1 + 1 that means the accounts on the service where created before i left the project. Which means all this happened while i assumed we where still operating normally. This is something i would not have assumed by someone i once called a friend.

Some more things to follow up the statement he made on his discord server.

  1. The money he paid me was paid. But towards another project called “Notesets” which was not related to illyria, see

  1. he states “my servers”, i legally owned all of hetzners infrastructure, see

Proceeds to block me again

I have a hard time closing off things. i was ready to let go, but to realize i was behind worked behind even before the events. is something i will not process anytime. ever.

“Even tho all i asked for was a sorry”