Illyria, my perspective

If you know this already, read the update here.

I a lot of you might wonder what happened to savagelabs) and what my involvement in it is.

I have been a part of what has been known as “Savage Support” prior to illyria since a long time. In Priority as a friend of Naman “ProSavage” Gupta. The re brand to “SavageLLC” and then illyria(NOT including the actual name) where my ideas. As a result it was also my responsibility in a majority to stand for these things and support them with my abilities.

I had smaller issues with ProSavage already, though these are not the primary reason for what happened. The issues leading up to the event started around the time the store was released to the public. To note this ahead: I am somebody extremely emotional and passionate about my work and my goals.

As a result it was always my idea to bring illyria forward and grow bigger. As it turns out against the teams will(not to my knowledge until very recently), in particular other managements opinion(including JasonWet, Valentina_Pro and ProSavage) I have for the longest time being mostly(80-85%) financing illyrias infrastructure out of my own pocket. ProSavage did pay me in one instance(higher 3 digit), but that was in a project not directly related to illyria. Lastly almost everything excluding the Minecraft plugins themselves and parts of the discord bots is my own free work(not paid), (CI, Git, servers, services, management. team) ontop of the costs of the infrastructure, which was also agreed by all parties except the following which sadly happened:

I did left the team for a while already once due to mental issues and problems with ProSavage alongside another admin. But joined back later after a long talk with ProSavage about a week later.

Staff internally calling me out which could be interpreted as “your work is not needed” and “you are the bad one here” ProSavage blocking me for no apparent reason, ignoring messages constantly and accusing me of other things. Still putting me in the responsibility for all the infrastructure, despite these claims. All these things have been happening for some time. Though until the last events could always been solved. Today(29th January 2020), this happened again in a bigger fashion, despite my efforts to show my stand point, i was still being accused of: “being wrong” and been positioned against the other management as the entity only causing the issues and “acting childish”. Besides having only the intend to show my ideas and mind set towards how i would like to be treated.

In an act of the argument i threaten to delete the infrastructure of illyria, to which ProSavages answer was: “do it pussy”, i did not do it instantly. the argument went on for a while. Towards the end ProSavage without any context invited a third external person, to add against me which was known to me and i would consider a friend. At which i went ahead and deleted the Infrastructure which was paid under my name. This was surely an act due to a emotional state and not thought through from my side, nonetheless i still stand my point me feeling and being accused for voluntary work and investment to help illyria growth.

I am sorry these events occurred and i sure have my role of mistakes in it. But i hope my point and standpoint come to make some sense…

Cheers, Yann