Who Am i?

Hey, i am Yann, (20) born in May 2000 from Germany.

I created this simple personal site as a reset for my self, see below for more.

Already in primary school i discovered my passion for computer science, i started on modding a Game using java, over being a usual bootstrap user to building advanced applications and web applications.

Usually i spent my nights in front of my laptop debugging something which doesn’t work because i used a property wrong, but from time to time i do other things.

I finished school in 2016, have been working at 2 companies so far, work on several smaller commissions and a own company i co own. For more see my Projects.

Also i started drawing some time ago, but i am still in the very first steps with that.
Lastly i am a big fan of Motorsport and cars.

I own a BMW F30 330ix

Anxiety what?

Yeah so that’s a thing…i am writing that here because it’s actually the main reason i created this site.

Having a actual anxiety sucks believe me, i personally would classify myself as a mixture of a severe hypochondria(the fear of having a serious illness), weak depressions and being overworked.

The Anxiety started around 2015, but wasn’t an actual issue until may 2019 where it really started getting bad;

In October 2019 i finally realised i need professional help. I want to mark this as a reset and the “beginning of the end” of my problems, to which i created this website.

So what about that photography thing?

My mother got me infected with the passion of photography.

I am by no means a professional photographer, but i gathered some experience already, especially in Animal Photography.

Currently i own a Nikon D750 with a 50mm f1.8 fix and my baby the 70-200mm f2.8, after a longer break i am starting to do photography again as a balance to all the computer stuff.


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